Network Wireless


Accurate has wide range of solution offering in wireless segment. Our wireless solution includes Controller based Wi-Fi Solution, Point to point and Point to Multipoint Wi-Max and OFDM distance links.

Deployment of an outdoor wireless network requires an even greater specialized skill set due to the unique nature of the outdoor environment.

Network design is ever more important when deploying outdoors; of which there are three main

A Point to point wireless network is designed to link two locations together via Ethernet. They can operate in both the unlicensed and licensed frequencies with speeds starting from 20mbps to 4Gbps full duplex.
Typical Point to Point applications are:

  • Building to Building Links

  • Leased Line Replacement

  • Fiber Replacement

  • Secondary Connections

Point to Multi Point Wireless:

A Point to Multi Point wireless network is designed to interconnect multiple locations to a central location. They can operate in both the unlicensed and licensed frequencies bands with speeds up to 1Gbps. A point to multi point wireless network can be a very cost effective replacement for leased lines.

Typical Point to Point applications are:

  • Public Wi-Fi

  • Campus wide broadband

  • Campsite Wi-Fi

  • Locations that can’t be cabled

Now a days mobile users require the same accessibility, security, quality-of-service (QoS), and high availability currently enjoyed by wired users. Legacy 802.11a/b/g networks can no longer suffice this need. 802.11n can manage your Mission-Critical Wireless Needs. It modernizes your network with up to six times more performance than legacy 802.11a/b/g networks, and add the capacity and reliability required for multimedia and business-critical applications.

It prepares your network to support the influx of new mobile devices. Implementing 802.11n can allow organizations to lower TCO by delivering a reliable wireless network that supports a broad range of mobility applications without compromising total network performance.

We offer you controller based WLAN solution for highly secure, enterprise – scale wireless networks.

Accurate has proven methodology to design the wireless solution. We follow industry standard best practices for designing accurate Wireless solution with below steps.

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